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Tick For Gov
This fun, easy and engaging online course has been developed to help you and your community organisation learn and be recognised for good governance skills and practices.  An online module based course that you are to work through at your own pace. 

Module 1:  Te Tiriti and Relationships with Māori 

Module 2:  Governance Essentials - The Big Bang: What Created You? – Why Do You  

Module 3:  The Foundation Document – Take Your Doc for a Constitutional 

Module 4:  Legal Responsibilities – Legal Luggage – Don’t Lose Your Case! 

Module 5:  Board Roles and Responsibilities – Who Does What When? 

Module 6:  Governance versus Management – Helpful vs Stickybeak 

Module 7:  Understanding the Numbers – Yes, Maths IS Hard, But It Doesn’t Have to Be 

Module 8:  Policies and Procedures – You Don’t Have To Start From Scratch 

Module 9:  Annual Planning and Strategy – Taking A Laser Focus To Your Vision 

Module 10: Effective Meetings – Getting Home Before Your Tea Gets Cold  

Course Agenda

The first module can be accessed FREE of charge 

Discount available for bulk orders.

Community Networks Aotearoa have partnered with the Ministry of Social Development to provide funding assistance addressing financial hardship barriers to make Tick for Governance available to as many people as possible - email info@communitynetworksaotearoa.org.nz  for more information. 


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