Sustainable funding can be a challenge for community organisations at times. Whether you require a lot, or a little, use the following information, tools and resources to aid you in your work. Consider there are a number of potential funding streams. Grants, membership, sponsorship, donations, fundraising activities, contracts and social enterprise.


givUS is New Zealand's primary source of information about funding for community organisations and contains over 1200 resource schemes for communities, volunteer organisations and clubs. It includes funding from the government, local authorities, statutory and philanthropic trust, gaming trusts and some service organisations.  

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Taranaki Regional Funders

Here you can find information and links to the main Taranaki funders.  This list is not exhaustive and we recommend you use the funding search tool givUS






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A Guide to Sustainable Funding

This guide was developed to help community organisations develop a sustainable funding plan. It has been written in a no nonsense format which not only looks at the big fundraising picture, but gives practical ideas that groups can easily use in their organisations immediately.
The guide covers a variety of topics including: 
 - Generating a Membership Base
 - Traditional Fundraising Activities
 - Seeking Donations
 - Securing Sponsorship
 - Entrepreneurial Activities & Social Enterprise
 - Contracts
 - Grants and Community Funding

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Give a Little

Give a little is the free, safe and easy way to receive online donations for charities of all types and sizes. Whether you represent an organisation or business, or just have a great idea for helping someone out, there’s a Give a little page to suit you.




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Boosted 2019

Boosted is a crowd source platform that brings artists and audiences closer together. Once an artist has an idea that needs money to bring it to life, they list it on Boosted with a clear financial target. If someone likes the look of the project, they can boost it and donate as little or as much as they like.

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Honesty (1)
My Honesty Box

At My Honesty Box they believe it is fundamentally better for you, for your community, and for our planet, to foster commerce at a community level. They have built a simple payment service for everyone to use. UH HO! Your customer doesn't have change!?  No worries!  They can just use the mobile app to scan the QR code, pick your items, and pay — simple. My Honesty Box is free to use (however the payment providers each charge a small fee per transaction) and simple to set up. The sausage sizzle fund raiser just got more interesting! Download My Honesty Box on Apple App Store or Android Google Play 


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Sport Funder
Sport Funder

Sport funder is the place to seek funding for all your sport related funding needs. Whether you are an established athlete, an aspiring sportsperson, a club, team, school, sporting event, or perhaps you have a sports book, documentary or innovative new product to develop or launch then Sportfunder is here to help you reach your goals

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Kickstarter NZ

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects and is now fully open to New Zealand-based creators. Kickstarter is a home for everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Their aim is to bring creative projects to live.

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Pledge Me
Pledge Me

Project Crowdfunding with Pledge Me helps kiwis fund projects, through crowdfunding campaigns. Project campaigns enable anyone to turn an idea into reality by posting a project campaign, offering rewards and asking their crowd for support.

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