Finding the right type of support is important for your success. Use the following options to help you seek the support you require.

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Mentoring Support

Making your own way can be a hard and lonely route. Find a mentoring package to support you and stretch your organisations thinking through a mentoring relationship or support package.












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NZ Navigator

NZ Navigator is a free on-line assessment tool to help identify your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses.  Developed in New Zealand for New Zealand community organisations and groups.  A tool to help you understand what you do well, and what development needs your group has.   

It is focused on building strong and effective organisations and communities, enabling users to assess the performance of their organisation by rating all the important areas of the organisation’s operation – direction, governance, leadership, people, administration, finances, communication, evaluation, and relationships.  Check out our help sheets too 












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SEEK Volunteer

SEEk Volunteer is for people who SEEK to do more.

There are some jobs in life which provide much greater reward than a salary. Where the ‘benefits’ are more fulfilling than a car or an expense account. That’s where SEEK Volunteer comes in it allows you to search and apply for volunteering opportunities, according to our interests and skills, with the organisation’s needing your help.


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Volunteering New Plymouth

Volunteering New Plymouth promotes and recognises the importance of volunteers and volunteering primarily within the North Taranaki communities. They do this by being a single point of contact for the recruitment and training of volunteers, the promotion of good practice in volunteer management and the recognition of the contribution of volunteers to the community. They are part of New Zealand wide network Volunteering New Zealand 

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Involve me

InvolveMe gives you the confidence and the framework to evaluate how effective you/your volunteers are engaged across a series of domains and elements of your volunteering programme. This investment in your organisation will inevitably ensure you attract and retain more volunteers doing great things for themselves and for your mission.

The easy to use tool is for any sized volunteer organisation — big or small — by helping you reflect and identify opportunities for your organisation’s volunteer management.

InvolveMe helps volunteer organisations to:

  • develop a one team, continuous improvement approach
  • reflect and show growth opportunities along the way
  • take a best practice approach to volunteering
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ICT Gateway
ICT Support

Communicating information effectively, and using appropriate technology, can help your organisation have a significant impact. Gain the free impartial advice and support you require through the ICT Gateway Programme 

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Support Orange

Not sure what to do next, how to tackle it, facing a big project? Make an approach to The Wheelhouse and see whether you can work with of our partners one-on-one.

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