The Wheelhouse

Our Vision:  Empowered Community Organisations

At The Wheelhouse our purpose is to develop strong sustainable community organisations through improved governance and leadership.  To achieve this, we are a hub for trusts, clubs, societies and community organisations to access:

  • impartial support and advice   
  • opportunities for learning, training, education and upskilling
  • access to recent and relevant information, resources and research.

We are also purposeful in our intent to collaborate with others for the benefit of the sector, which could be co-delivery, partnership, sharing information and sign posting to services.





The Incorporated Societies Act 2022

The Law Lady Show 2

First broadcast on 1 September 2022.  My show today was about the new Incorporated Societies Act and what this means for groups (both incorporated and otherwise) in NZ. I’m joined by Marcia Millard from the Wheelhouse who can help groups to prepare for these changes and provide training for them.

The Law Lady Show 1

First broadcast on 28 July 2022.  Talking about the new Incorporated Societies Act 2022, and what this means for Incorporated societies – essentially that all incorporated societies will have to reregister by April 2026 and this will mostly mean substantial changes to their constitutions.

Incorporated Societies Act 2022 MORE INFO......

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