Finding the right type of support is important for your success.  Use the following options to help you seek the support you require.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us direct and we'll get in touch to discuss options with you.

NZ Navigator
The NZ Navigator is a must do first step for any community group. The navigator helps you understand what you do well, and what development needs your group has, through an online assessment process. The Navigator will also recommend appropriate resources to help your group from the assessment.
Mentor Support
Making your own way can be a hard and lonely route. Find a mentoring package to support you and stretch your organisations thinking through a mentoring relationship or support package.
SEEK Volunteer
SEEK Volunteer. For people who SEEK to do more.
ICT Support
Communicating information effectively, and using appropriate technology, can help your organisation have a significant impact. Gain the free advice and support you require through the ICT Gateway programme.
InvolveMe is an online self-assessment tool designed to give you a practical evaluation that you can apply to your organisation. The easy to use tool is for any sized volunteer organisation — big or small — by helping you reflect and identify opportunities for your organisation’s volunteer management.
Not sure what to do next, how to tackle it, facing a big project? Make an approach to the Wheelhouse and see whether you can work with of our partners one-on-one.