The Wheelhouse has an agreed relationship with the TSB Community Trust for subsidised community training for community organisations. This subsidy operates at two levels:

  • subsidy for training programmes;
  • individual attendee subsidy.




Individual attendee subsidy:

Staff, board members or volunteers of community organisations operating wholly or significantly within the Taranaki region may be eligible for a subsidy towards the cost of training not already covered by a subsidy.  This will range from 25%-75% of the course cost.  Examples may include national or regionally significant training outside of the region.  The training must be relevant to the governance or management of your organisation. 

This subsidy does not cover the costs of conference attendance, First Aid training, travel, accommodation or incidental expenses 



Applying for a subsidy:

Applications need to be submitted ideally three weeks before the training event to ensure they can be processed in time. The Wheelhouse will evaluate each subsidy request and may decline some requests if they do not align with current policies and priorities. Each request will be assessed on its own merits.  

The application process is straighforward- Just click the link below.  




Subsidised programme of workshops

The Wheelhouse oversees an annual training programme. Subsidies are applied by us to training that aligns with the aims of The Wheelhouse. Some of these training sessions will be FREE to attend and some will have a small charge as a partial cost recovery. Where a subsidy has been applied you will see TSBCT Subsidy Applied in the price field on the  training calendar.


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