Business Finance Comes Alive with COLOUR ACCOUNTING

Tuesday, 12 November, 2019
9:00am - 4:00pm


BDO Taranaki, 10 Young Street, New Plymouth
Colour Accounting Team
0800 863 693
$665.85 inc GST - Training Subsidy could apply
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Colour Accounting

Date change from 10 September to 12 November 

Financial literacy – Your organisation game-changer - Train your non-financial managers in just one day

Whichever industry you’re in, anyone running an SME, larger business or organisation knows that achieving and maintaining financial control is absolutely vital. It means you need to make sure your non-financial managers are financially literate and confident to make the right decisions.

Colour Accounting financial training for non-financial managers is the world renowned one-day course that gives your people all the financial fundamentals in a way that’s enjoyable to learn and super easy to understand. By improving your people’s financial literacy, you’ll improve your organisations performance.

By attending this workshop we guarantee you will:

  • Gain new insights into how your business generates profits
  • Understand how to keep useful records to help you achieve your goals
  • Confidently read your business’s balance sheet and income statement
  • Analyse the financial position, performance and changes in your business
  • Develop the skills to communicate powerfully with your staff, advisors and financial experts

Business Finance Comes Alive delivers 10x the learning of traditional finance for non-financial managers courses. This is because it uses a breakthrough new way of learning, called Colour Accounting.

Colour Accounting is:

  • Visual… using colours and diagrams in a way that the human brain processes much quicker than ttraditional methods
  • Hands on… so that you use your hands and all your senses to learn. This also means the teacher can better understand what you don’t, in order to help you fully ‘get it’

You may be eligible for an individual training subsidy - The training must be relevant to the governance or management of your organisation. 

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Course Agenda

A full day course starting at 9:00am and ending no later than 4:00pm


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